About Sophia

honey bee on Ala hee copyBorn and raised in the Netherlands, I graduated from St. Maartens College in Groningen with a focus on mathematics and physics, then followed my literary interests to obtain a degree in French Language and Literature at the University of Groningen. Soon after, I served eight years at the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland.

orchid 2014In 1988 I moved to the Hawaiian Islands and, two years later, a remote, rural community became my home: North Kohala on Hawai‘i Island.

As a result perhaps of living in exquisite coastal places as well as crowded cities, I have long brought to my writing a keen interest in science, human behavior, and the environment.

In my freelance nonfiction work, I am committed to well-researched narrative that reveals our multi-layered reality in sensitive, skillful, and approachable ways.

In 2016, after a few powerful and life changing events, I also returned to my main passion, leadership coaching: Supporting people and organizations to thrive with clarity, compassion, and creativity. Rooted in my work at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, and at the Esalen Institute in California, where I learned about mindfulness, the beauty of freedom, and neurolinguistic programming, this human potential interest has fueled my writing work throughout the years.

You can learn more about my coaching work at Space Beyond Words.

Perhaps it is possible to make space for new connections between each other and with this precious earth – word by word and in the space beyond words. Hawai‘i is a great place to start.

For my formal curriculum vitae, please contact me.