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Aloha from Hawai‘i Island. Thank you for visiting this site.

As a freelance writer and author, I am fortunate to live in the islands. Naturally, I am drawn to write about topics that protect and celebrate their beauty, like food and its great ingredients, its relationship to the land and sea, like green energy, and sustainability on all levels.

With dozens of articles and essays in consumer, business and trade publications, I am grateful to have five books to my credit. Big Island Journey and Kohala ‘Āina have garnered prestigious awards.

An avid supporter of this country’s literary vibrancy, I am equally committed to writing, reviewing and editing fiction in novel and short-story form and passionate about coaching new writers here in the islands. My stories have appeared in several publications.

sophie-1106-2013Are you interested in discussing a writing project or in finding out more about my services? Please contact me if you think I may be able to assist you. Thank you for reading this!